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Introducing the first in a new range of innovative products for education by Grape County.

The MyKids keyboard & mini mouse and BusyFingers touch typing tutor are designed specifically for children, who not only spend a more productive time at the computer but gain a more enjoyable experience as well.

Fiona Hover of the Dyslexia Institute and a Teacher at Greenwich Community College wrote in the PC World Education magazine (Summer Term 2005) an excellent article about children using a computer keyboard and the need for them to learn to touch type. Here is what Fiona has to say about the MyKids keyboard.

... Grape County are also marketing a keyboard for smaller hands. It is only 80% the size of a normal keyboard and allows small hands the proper fingering necessary for touch typing. It is beautifully designed with ergonomically 'A' shaped keys which encourage a more natural position. This together with the built in wrist support reduces the risk of developing RSI in later life because they have learnt to hold their fingers and hands correctly when typing.

Children will learn to type - to do their homework, access the net and email and message their friends. When they go on to further studies they will be writing longer essays and dissertations. Eventually they will use it in their jobs. RSI is an increasing menace. Once it has taken hold it becomes a permanent weakness. Don't we owe it to our youngsters to teach them to type correctly - like a professional? ...