MyKids - the keyboard & mini mouse designed specifically for children

The MyKids keyboard has been designed specifically for young children. Using the MyKids keyboard to learn to touch type is equivalent to using a three quarter sized violin when learning to play that instrument. When children use a MyKids keyboard they don't struggle when typing. This means that using a computer becomes a more pleasurable experience. A more pleasurable experience means a happier child and you know better than any that a happy child is more willing to work and that the work will be of a higher quality.

The MyKids keyboard is approximately 80% of the size of a standard adult keyboard. The smaller keys and spacing used in the MyKids keyboard allows children to use the correct finger for each key, without having to over-stretch. With the MyKids keyboard, children can learn to touch type with the greatest of ease.

The MyKids keyboard & mini mouse comes in three basic colours.  
Green Black & Silver Yellow  
Green MyKids Keyboard & Mouse Black & Silver MyKids Keyboard & Mouse Yellow MyKids Keyboard & Mouse Stickers, designed specifically for the MyKids keyboard, with lower case letters, are available.

The MyKids keyboard and mini mouse both come with a USB connector and a USB to PS2 converter as standard. By using the MyKids keyboard in a USB port and an adult keyboard in the normal PS2 port, both keyboards are functional at the same time. Absolutely perfect for when a child and an adult have to share the same computer!

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What do teachers and parents have to say about the MyKids keyboard & mini-mouse?

The children really like them, even those in year 6! Having the keyboards has increased their confidence when using computers because they can access the keys more easily. And the small mouse improves their control of the cursor, particularly for the younger children.
Richard Moore - ICT Coordinator - Cottenham Primary School, Cambridgeshire

The keyboards are working out really well. The small size of the keyboard is suitable for the infants as well as the older children. The boys tend to avoid the pink keyboards, but they still prefer them to the adult keyboards. And our special needs children are benefiting enormously, particularly when using the BusyFingers software to learn to touch type.
Dennis Marshall - ICT co-ordinator - Milton Road Primary School, Cambridge

The children find the keyboards easier to use because its size fits their hands and fingers. And when they first tried the mouse they went "Ooh! Ooh, Miss. The mouse lights up!" The kids really love them.
Helen Cooper - ICT co-ordinator - Colville Primary School, Cambridge

Having a smaller keyboard and mouse has really helped. With the mini-mouse Isabel can control more easily the mouse pointer and the smaller keyboard has encouraged her to practice her touch typing skills using the BusyFingers program, which she says is better than the program they use at school.
Ian Wilson - Parent