Use the table below to decide which BusyFingers licence is best for you.

  Licence Type  
Feature Single User Single Computer Site Comment
Single User All lesson data is saved against the same user.
Lesson Statistics Shows the errors and typing speed achieved each lesson completed.
Enforce Lesson Criteria Provides control over the criteria required to move to the next lesson.
All QWERTY & Number Lessons 8 lessons covers a to z; 1 lesson for numbers.
Drills & Practice Lessons Verb endings, left and right hand drills, speed test.
BusyFingers Exam Prove how good you are with the BusyFingers exam!
Multi User All users have their own account with BusyFingers.
Manager Users Organise users into groups, add & remove users and more.
Customise Lessons Change the text used in the lessons and more.
Multi Computer Multiple computers share a common database managing all the users.